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Florida Corporate Center is a consulting service for businesses that is uniquely positioned geographically and by featured services.

Our experts are skilled in techniques and technologies, including the application of proprietary processes, unique expertise and strategies that help companies find solutions when they need them – at the best market rates possible.

Real Client Experiences

  • Antonio Heralta

    Our restaurant was built up by my grandparents and my father on South Beach, and has been well known for Cuban cuisine and music on the weekends.  But once I became involved, I felt the need to upgrade from a family owned business to a corporation, for a variety of reasons.  We incorporated through, and got aster service and a much better rice than a family friend – a lawyer – offered to us.  We also got consulting from expert professionals, and I was able to ask some questions about advancing the business, which made sense now that we are incorporated.  This past month, we opened a new restaurant on Miami Beach, and have more expansion plans in mind.  This has more than doubled our business, and it would not have been possible without the expertise that we got from


  • Felipe Montoya

    My name is Felipe Montoya. I began an export business, supplying American tires to relief organizations in the Caribbean. First, I shipped used tires to people in Haiti who were affected by the Earthquake, but eventually, word of mouth around the Islands brought lots of requests, and my business grew.  Of course, that meant I needed to formalize, get corporate protection, licenses, set up import tax accounts and a lot of other business necessities.  At first, I thought it was going to cost a fortune, but a friend recommended, and they handled everything as one package.  I am now incorporated in Miami, even though I live most of the time in St. John. They even helped me with business advice, consultation with an attorney and a web site, so my customers can find me faster.  Without, I don’t know where I would be.

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Experts in Business Processes, Domestic and International

Professional business consulting with a Latin twist, our experts at understand the relationships between US Commerce and industry, International Connections and the Latin America Culture and Business Protocols. Whether Domestic or International, our clients enjoy a history of success, and we looking forward to your success.

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